March 20, 2023

Case Studies

Recently we kept yet another fire truck on the road.

Just about every week we build leaf springs for one fire truck or another, and it seems that these life-saving vehicles are having more and more trouble finding a shop that can build their springs and build them fast.

These days we are taking orders for these heavy-duty springs from ever-farther-away locations. Trucks can get their springs from other places of course, if they are willing and able to wait weeks. But we can usually get them out within a day of getting the information for the order. Obviously, everyone wants to keep fire trucks rolling. Downtime for these beasts can be costly, in many ways.

Follow this link for a great discussion about why these rigs’ leaf springs need frequent replacement.

This week, the springs we built were for a Pierce manufactured fire truck; Pierce rigs are used by fire departments all over the United States.